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Lighthouse Pointe - Phase 2 - West Bay

Structural Engineering Services

We are driven by concern for excellence in client service—from the preliminary design to the construction phase — We deliver cost-efficient innovation and creative design within the time and budget constraints. BOLAS structural engineers excel in concrete, masonry, steel, and timber design.


We are committed to being the key contributors to the design team, providing our extensive knowledge of local codes and life safety expertise. Our experience includes hurricane and seismic design for new structures, seismic retrofit, and rehabilitation for existing buildings. 

• Cast-in-place
• Tilt-up
• Lift slab
• Pre-stressed precast
• Pre-stressed post-tensioned
• Masonry

• Soil-retaining structures
• Water-retaining structures
• Pile foundations
• Mat foundations
• Antenna foundations
• Free-standing sign foundations
• Pre-engineered building foundations

• Structural
• Cold formed
• Composite
• Open web joists

• Conventional wood
• Framing
• Heavy timber
• Glue laminated
• Trusses
• Pole construction

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