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Lead Structural Engineer, Principal

Thomas Bolas is the Principal of BOLAS Engineering, the firm that he founded in
2010. He presently directs all phases of its operations, including the supervision
of design, client services, production of contract documents, structural design,
construction coordination, contract negotiations, and cost review.

For the last 21 years (12 years in the Cayman Islands ) Thomas has provided
structural design and analysis, construction inspection/supervision, and structural
evaluation, for commercial, industrial, institutional, government and customer
residential projects. Thomas’ vast experience in designing structures with many
various types of building systems that offers clients with efficient, cost-effective,
and competitive design solutions.

Thomas began his engineering career working in the construction industry where
he was a builder/carpenter for 15 years. This developed a foundation for his
understanding the importance of working closely with the client/builder and in turn
allows him to provide value engineering solutions to design issues surrounding
the cost and construct-ability of structures.

Thomas has provided structural design for mid-rise condominiums, large commercial buildings, industrial buildings, residential developments, and luxury custom houses.  He continues to evolve his engineering expertise and believes that effective communication and prompt coordination with clients from the early stages of design, throughout the construction phase, provides every client with a successful, on-time, and under-budget project.

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